Normal payment procedure is by credit card. We will check your credit card when we receive your order.

Payment is processed at the time the products are shipped from Mario Di Maio S.p.A. (acronym MDM).
When you place an order the authorization system will subtract the amount of the tansaction from your credit card available plafond, but the actual money withdrawal will take place only at midnight of the following day.
By this way, in the unlikely case of an unexpected problem with the fulfilment of your order, we will be able to stop the payment procedure, and the transaction on your credit card will not take a place at all.
The amount of your credit plafond will be restored on your card, without the need of any refund or credit memo. The credit plafond will be directly restored on your card, according with the processing time set by your credit card issuer.

We apply the highest security standards, adopting https pages (secure and encrypted pages): for security reasons you will be requested to fill in your credit card identification numbers every time you place a new order with us.
In case of any error  or non-compliance with your order, we will inform you, asking if you want to go on or cancel it.

We accept payments from MasterCard, Visa credit cards, including Visa Electron, JCB prepaid cards and BANK TRANSFER
We recognise the importance of security regarding credit cards information you send us over the Internet. Sensitive information that is transmitted to us online is encrypted and transmitted to us securely.
In addition, access to all of our user's information, not just the sensitive information mentioned above, is restricted. In order to help safeguard unauthorised use of your credit card we check the security code located above the magnetic strip on the back of your card.