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G101200 DRB Apparecchio Galvanico


Galvanic electroplating machine.
This bench-top is used for galvanic electroplating (gold, rhodium and silver) and for electrolytic degreasing, neutralizing and washing.
This is composed of a sturdy stainless steel structure that includes four tanks with beakers and containers for the process, control devices, stainless steel anodes, and cables and clips for connecting pieces to be treated.

Equipments includes:
- Containers made of synthetic material (Moplen®, capacity: 2 liter, 130 x 170 mm in size), used for cold processes (electrolytic degreasing, neutralizing and washing).
- Beaker made of Pyrex glass (capacity: 2 liter; 130 x 170 mm in size), comes with a 700 W heating system with thermostat temperature control. Used for electroplating processes.

Control panel includes:
DRB: ON/OFF switch with warning light, analogic voltmeter (0 ÷ 5V), ammeter (0 ÷ 5A), voltage regulator (Volt), thermostat regulator, timer 0 ÷ 4 minutes for an automatic work cycle.

Technical Specifications:
- Continuous voltage = 0 ÷ 10 V
- Continuous current = 10 A (max)
- Thermostat - thermometer = 20 ÷ 100 °C
- Voltage = 230V ~1, 50 Hz
- Absorbed power = 800 W
- Weight = 15 Kg

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DRB Apparecchio GalvanicoDRB Apparecchio Galvanico
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Lenght 690   mm
Height 260   mm
Width 350   mm
Weight 15000   grams
  Technical specification