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0255/116 R&R Ultravest With Bandust Investment


In this investment, Ransom & Randolph® partners their Ultra-Vest® casting investment with their groundbreaking BANDUST™ technology.
The addition of BANDUST significantly reduces the quantities of respirable quartz and cristobalite released into the working enviroment, helping to reduce the safety hazards intrinsic to working with these materials.
The unique manufacturing process developed by R&R binds far more of the typically respirable particles to the dry investment powder so that they do not become airborne during the measuring and mixing tasks.
Based on third-party industrial test results, BANDUST reduces total respirable dust by up to 97% compared to standard R&R jewelry investments and by as much as 99% compared to other jewelry investments.
Casters using BANDUST products report "noticeably less dust overall during the investing process with the added benefit of improved housekeeping overall" with no reduction in their casting quality or the excellent final casting results they count on from R&R investment products--and without any change to their processes.
All-purpose Ransom & Randolph® UltraVest® investment produces smoother surfaces than other investment products, with a clean quench and trouble-free clean-up. Considered by many casting professionals to be the most process-friendly and easy-to-handle investment products on the market today. Ideal for all non-ferrous metals.

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R&R Ultravest With Bandust InvestmentR&R Ultravest With Bandust Investment
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Lenght 335   mm
Height 245   mm
Width 295   mm
Weight 22700   grams