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G102200 Galvanic Pen - Stylogalvano


Bench-top galvanic electroplating equipment for gold, rhodium and silver plating,
it’s ideal for small workshops and their prototype projects and repairs.
The base houses the electrical parts, control devices, electrical plugs, cables and electrodes, a neon lamp to illuminate the work area, containers and bottles with their housing.
Pieces are either immersed in the plating beakers, or the plating pen is used to plate pieces or touch up small areas.
This equipment includes: two graduated beakers (250 cc) made of Pyrex glass used for plating baths; three containers (50 cc) made of synthetic material (Moplen®) used for cold processes (degreasing and rinse).

Control panel includes: One ON/OFF switch with warning light and fuse, digital voltmeter, voltage regulator, voltage switch (1 ÷ 5.6 V and 3 ÷ 15V), electrode and plating pen sockets (RCA plugs).

Not included 2 Plating pens

- Continuous voltage = 0 ÷ 15 V
- Continuous current = 2 A (max)
- Voltage** = 230V ~1, 50 Hz
- Absorbed power = 35 W (max)
- Weight = 7,5 Kg 

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Galvanic Pen - StylogalvanoGalvanic Pen - Stylogalvano
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Galvanic pen - Stylogalvano sizes:
Lenght 350   mm
Height 180   mm
Width 280   mm
Weight 7500   grams
  Technical specification