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G213200 Ecologic Gold Stripping Machine - BG1"ECO"


This is a galvanic polishing system that uses an ecological acid bath (cyanide-free). During the electrolythic process, the surface of the pieces immersed in the solution is infinitesimally eroded. Removed precious metal is deposited on the electrodes and recovered later. This process polishes quickly and perfectly objects with particularly complex shapes that cause other polishing systems to fail.
It is composed of a sturdy metal frame structure with a stainless steel working table that includes three rectangular tanks for processes and control devices.

System includes:
- A - tank made of Moplen® (capacity: 12 liters, 200 x 360 x 190H mm in size), with a 1200 W heating system and thermostat temperature control. It has plate anode and cathode made of graphite, and also a device for aspiration and neutralization of toxic fumes by water spray.
- B - tank made of Moplen® for rinsing and metal recovery.
- C - tank with stainless steel basket for rinsing the objects under running water.

Control panel includes: ON/OFF switch with warning light, fume suction switch, digital voltmeter (scale 0÷20V), digital ammeter (scale 0÷300A), voltage regulator (Volt), digital thermostat with display, and timer 0÷6 minutes for an automatic work cycle start by pedal switch.

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Ecologic Gold Stripping Machine - BG1"ECO"Ecologic Gold Stripping Machine - BG1"ECO"
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Ecologic Gold Stripping Machine - BG1"ECO"
Lenght 680   mm
Height 1020   mm
Width 680   mm
Weight 146000   grams